Auckland is the Gateway to the  Hauraki Gulf and its multitude of pristine island jewels including Waiheke and Little Barrier Islands,  protected by the outermost and largest island Great Barrier.  The opportunities for an onwater adventure are virtualy endless.

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The relatively sheltered nature of this territory presents world class fishing adventures equalled by only a handful of other world class fishing adventure destinations.
Nautilus Charters offers a host of exciting recreational fishing experiences, from complete novice to seasoned experts we can outfit a perfect day or custom package.
Soft-Baiting, Stray-Lining and Light-Tackle Jigging lend themselves perfectly to the shallows, whilst Stick-Baiting, Live-Baiting and of course Bluewater Trolling for the outer gulf contenders.  The fisheries produce a vast list of available species from Snapper, Kingfish and Trevally for the sheltered grounds to Hapuka, Bass and Bluenose for the more adventurous.
In the summer months the outer reaches of the Barrier host some great opportunities for the  Bluewater enthusiast,  visitors to the outer reaches can be rewarded with exotic species including Tuna, Marlin and Broadbill Swordfish.
Daiwa Reel, Rods, Bonze and Raymarine outfit Nautilus, with state of the art fishing gear and tackle to make the experience even more enjoyable.

A note from  Skipper 'Scotty"  - I grew up in Cornwall, a remote fishing village in the southwest of England and was immersed in everything to do with the ocean.  My father was a commercial fisherman and diver so I guess the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.  I emigrated to NZ after traveling through the Pacific Islands and Australia over 20 years ago, NZ became my choice of country due to the quality of the fishing and of course the culture that’s all about being outside.  I have been fortunate to have had fished alongside some of the top guides and skippers of New Zealand, these people have helped to turn my passion into my occupation.  My goal in life is to share fantastic fishing experiences with great people.
Tight Lines!

Our Skippers are fully qualified and hold current Maritime NZ Qualifications including First Aid.  The vessel carries all safety equipment and a full safety briefing is given to all passengers.